Carpe Vitae

What we are doing

Focussed on the root cause of ageing, our research has the potential to change lives.

We are passionate about and energised by the possibilities our science can unlock.

Our robust research and first-in-class technologies are based on our understanding of the central role of DNA damage repair in ageing, to treat and prevent the fundamental cause of diseases which shorten life and affect quality of living.

Based on the goal of preventing and reversing DNA damage, our holistic approach to solving age-related health issues has made way for diversified solutions to deliver viable research outcomes.

Product portfolio

Our internationally recognised scientists are known for their peer-reviewed, evidence-based research — paving the way for first-in-class solutions for a varied range of collaborators and, most importantly, patients.


Drug development

Our first-in-class small molecule drug programme, CVP001, is based on a compound which restores DNA repair efficiency, aimed at alleviating a range of age-related diseases.

Cancer treatment selection

Our diagnostic test programme, CVP002, is designed to predict whether a person will respond to an important class of cancer treatment called PARP inhibitors. CVP002 will identify new groups of patients who may respond to PARP inhibitors, to broaden the use of this group of drugs in cancer treatment.