Carpe Vitae

Who we are

We are leaders in the pursuit of transforming what it means to grow older.

At Carpe Vitae, we’re changing what it means to live a long life.

Based on the central concept of harnessing DNA damage repair to treat and prevent age-related diseases, our team of internationally recognised scientists is turning our industry-leading research into viable commercial applications to help people live healthier, for longer.

How we work

We believe in strengthening science through connections, working side by side with investors, research partners and industry leaders globally to create and deliver solutions for as many people as possible.

Open to new opportunities, big ideas and different ways of thinking, our goal is to achieve real outcomes that make our science — and its benefits — accessible to all


Our impact

We recognise the life-changing impact our ageing research stands to make on the world, because improving the human experience of ageing has the power to revolutionise global health care. It also has the potential to completely transform how we live. That’s why we put you — our future customers — at the centre of everything we do. Because we only get one life.

The team

Carpe Vitae is home to a team of world-leading scientists and experts in ageing research, passionate in their pursuit of a better life for people across the globe.