Carpe Vitae

Transforming cancer treatment

Our diagnostic test, CVP002, has been developed to identify patients whose cancers are more likely to respond to treatment with PARP inhibitors. CVP002 has the potential to improve the ability of doctors to decide whether to select a PARP inhibitor as treatment for their patients with a range of cancers.

With some of the world’s best scientists at the centre of decision making, our work on developing and delivering CVP002 has the potential to change the face of cancer treatment selection and improve response to treatment with PARP inhibitors.

Broadening therapy potential

In place of testing for BRCA1/2 mutations or HRD, our research has identified a new predictive biomarker for response to PARP inhibitors. Our CVP002 diagnostic test detects this biomarker in tumour samples to identify patients whose disease may respond well to PARP inhibitors, broadening the utility of these agents.